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Marketing Collateral Fulfillment Made Easy

What if your company had an internal, online store that your team could use to order marketing campaigns, promotional products, and collateral as needed? Instead of designing from scratch, they’d be able to customize branded templates and create everything from flyers and postcards to t-shirts and other swag. Then, with one click of a button, they could place their order and trust that it would be fulfilled quickly and seamlessly. Oh, and you’d be able to set and approve their budgets ahead of time, too. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. 

OnSpark is your on-demand branded marketing storefront from Varispark. We tailor your storefront for your company, load it with your branded templates, and set it up for your team. Then all you need to do is start marketing and leave the printing and distribution to us. 

OnSpark can be used to simplify and streamline all sorts of marketing processes. Here are just three possibilities.


On-Demand, Personalized Postcards — Pronto

Imagine you’re in charge of marketing for a real estate agency with agents in three different states. Each agent owns the promotion for their own listings, and there are hundreds of open houses every weekend. Your agents want postcard campaigns because they know that targeted direct mail drops work when it comes to driving foot traffic. You might think that managing that many mailing campaigns every week is beyond your ability, but with OnSpark, it’s not. 

Empower your agents to kick off campaigns that are on-brand and within the budget. All each agent needs to do is choose a template, customize it with listing information and photos, and specify who should receive the postcard. Agents can customize templates with their own headshot and signature, and each postcard can even be personalized using variable data printing — the more data you have on your mailing list, the more unique each piece can be! 


Easier-than-Pie Customer Gifts

Now imagine you work at an auto dealership and you’re trying to improve customer satisfaction. You want to send every new customer a gift after they sign their initial paperwork. A car purchase is big, so you want to send something that feels both special and personal, but you’d also like to keep shipping and logistics as easy as possible. 

With an OnSpark storefront, your sales representatives can choose from the gift options you’ve selected ahead of time, so you know your cost per gift up front. Even better, these gifts can be customized with your branding. What are the gift choices? The sky really is the limit. We’ve created swag storefronts with everything from stress balls flashlights to high-quality water bottles and clothing. 


Simple, Streamlined Sales Tools

Now picture yourself as the head of marketing at a software company with a large outside sales team. Your partners in sales are constantly asking for new or updated collateral that they can take to meetings with customers and prospects. Every salesperson is different; some prefer printed case studies and brochures while others want flyers and extra business cards. With your product line evolving all the time — causing even brand new marketing materials to quickly become obsolete — you don’t want to print more than you’ll need. But you also want your sales team to be well equipped. 

Enter OnSpark, which uses print-on-demand technology. Keep your storefront up to date with your latest collateral and allow salespeople to print what they need, as they need it. Each rep can customize the pieces they choose with photos, names, and local addresses, making every piece of collateral you produce even more relevant to the person using it. No more overspending on a brochure no one will use, no more worrying about where you’ll store a massive run of print pieces, and no more struggling to get the right collateral to your reps. Your sales team will be happy with the tools you’ve provided, and you’ll be happy with your budget well spent.

Maybe you’re not in charge of marketing for a real estate agency, an automotive dealership, or a software company, but you’ve likely thought of a way that an on-demand print storefront could benefit your organization. From internal storefronts for employee rewards to distributor and channel partner marketing, creative applications abound. 

Want to talk with our team about how OnSpark can be tailored to meet your needs? Request a demo.