Which Industries Could Benefit Most From On-Demand Marketing?

On-demand marketing is designed to help keep these problems from happening. With on-demand marketing, a company can combine its marketing assets into a portal where contributors can personalize approved marketing assets when necessary.

Which industries would benefit the most from on-demand marketing?

Many different companies would benefit from using an on-demand marketing platform, especially considering 54% of customers say they prefer direct mail marketing.

Not only does on-demand marketing help to reduce the time it takes to personalize marketing assets. But it also prevents any slip-ups from happening that could endanger the reputation of the company.

Still, some industries could certainly benefit more from on-demand marketing platforms. Here are three industries, in particular, that may want to consider on-demand marketing to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • Healthcare. 

    The healthcare industry is one of the busiest industries in the United States. And its marketing assets need a high level of personalization to appeal to potential consumers. There’s also an increased privacy risk because of how much personalization these marketing assets need. For this reason, an on-demand marketing portal could be especially useful in the healthcare industry. Healthcare companies could use customizable templates to avoid incorrect messaging, incorrect branding, and risking consumer privacy.
  • Financial Services. 

    Another industry where it’s crucial to maintain customer privacy while still maintaining optimal personalization is the financial services industry. It can be time-consuming to make each marketing asset individualized for the considerable number of customers financial companies have. On-demand marketing platforms can help to simplify the process while maintaining customer privacy.
  •  Nonprofit Organizations. 

    Compared to other industries, non-profits rely on the financial support. This means the marketing assets non-profits use need to be as personalized, persuasive, and appealing as possible. Unfortunately, non-profits only have so much time to personalize marketing assets when they’re also focusing on the meaningful work they do. On-demand marketing portals can help to make this process that much more productive and efficient.
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