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Give Your Direct Mail The Boost It Needs: 4 Benefits Of Using PURLs

One of the best ways you can take your direct mail campaign to the next level is by incorporating personalized URLs. This helps to increase response, ease tracking, and boost your campaign’s effectiveness.

But how do personalized URLs manage to improve your direct mail campaigns? And are they really worth considering?

What Are PURLs And Why Do They Matter?

A PURL, or a personalized URL, is a customized online web address. A customer will receive the link through a direct marketing piece in their email or mail.

When the customer types in the link, it takes them to a customized and unique landing page designed for them.

Custom Marketing At Its Finest: 4 Benefits Of Using PURLs

PURLs are effective because they make your marketing campaign a personalized experience. It gives your customers the sense that you're taking them on a tour around your business. More than that, they can give you new tools for measuring the effectiveness of your campaign.

To get a better idea of why PURLs are so effective, here are four benefits of using personalized URLs:

    1. Increase relationship building. When it comes to marketing, one of your top goals is to create a sense of trust between you and your customer. The more your customer trusts your business, the more likely they'll come back to buy from you again. PURLs helps to foster a long-term relationship between you and your customers. This is because they see that you've taken the time to create a personalized experience for them and they're not just another face to you.
    2. Improve ROI. Approximately 40% of consumers have made a purchase in the last three months because of a direct mail campaign. PURLs are a simple way to give your customers a one-on-one marketing experience with those campaigns. You're not jumping through hoops to get your audience's attention. For this reason, you're more likely to get a good return on investment.
    3. Shows greater innovation. When you use PURLs in your direct mail campaigns, you show your audience that not only are you innovative but also that your business is at the cutting edge of technology. What's more, you're showing that you're using that technology to improve customer engagement.
    4. Keep a better eye on your tracking. PURLs give you the ability to track customer responses instantly. This helps give you a leg up on your marketing by making it easier to monitor, analyze, and tweak your direct mail campaigns. For instance, you can create a unique URL for each neighborhood you target. With the help of your direct mailing service, you can now measure engagement zip code by zip code.

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